Pepper Spray Security System

24 Hour Protection

  • 2 modes available
    • Normal Mode
    • Surveillance mode
  • In Normal mode, the pepper fog is immediately sprayed once the sensor has been activated
  • In Surveillance mode, an alarm is set off once the first surveillance area is triggered, once the second sensor has been triggered, the device will spray the pepper
    • The inductive distance of the first sensor is within 10 meters
    • The inductive distance of the second sensor is within 1 meter
  • The remote control has working distance of 50 meters
  • 100DB alarm sound
  • 3 meter pepper spray distance
  • 8.5ml/s spray speed
  • 300 ml capacity
  • CE/ROHS patented
  • Canister Capacity – 300ml
  • Spray Speed – 8.5ml/s
  • PIR Sensor Distance – >10m