Mutual Safe and Security Group hold exclusive agencies for imported high security locks and cam locks used in high risk situations such as banks, casinos and jewellery outlets. Austen Services, a division of the Mutual Group, has a cell lock manufacturing plant in Pretoria

Time Delay Locks

Citi-Track Time Delay/Access controllers are designed specifically for controlling access to high security areas such as Bulk Cash Centers, Vaults, Safes and ATM’s. They are highly programmable and cab be programmed to work in almost any application required

Physical Features

  • 250Kg electromechanical servo driven lock
  • Bolt work and door closed sensing
  • Optional Biometric finger print reader
  • Built in Seismic Sensor
  • Dallas “I Button Reader”
  • GSM connection to Control room for remote operation & monitoring
  • Real time clock
  • Back up battery or battery operation
  • Cash in Transit CPC interface
  • Control of 3 door Magnetic Lock Interlocking doors
  • Three alarm outputs, Duress, Seismic and other
  • USB port
  • RS232 serial port
  • I2C port

Software Features

  • 255 users with PIN, Dallas and Biometric profiles
  • Single, Dual and Multiple user control
  • Duress feature on PIN and/or Second Finger Biometric
  • Time Delay settings from 0 to 255 minutes
  • Duress Alarm settings from 0 to 255 minutes
  • Interlock Delay from 0 to 255 minutes
  • Door Open alarm for 0 to 255 minutes
  • Re-Lock Delay from 0 to 255 minutes
  • Code to unlock after Access delay feature
  • First Open After Time Lock Feature
  • User after count down feature
  • Keypad Lockout feature
  • One Time Random Pin number system
  • Random Time Delay feature
  • Weekly Time Lock settings
  • Holiday Lock
  • Door open buzzer before or after count down
  • Full Audit report, last 4096 to 16384 vents