Specialised Locksmiths

Mutual Safes boasts registered and accredited Locksmiths as well as appointed regional Locksmiths. Our Locksmiths are available for repairing or replacing locks on safes and Strongroom Doors and also changing combination locks. Nationwide repair and servicing of our entire range and the majority of other product ranges, available at your doorstep.


Austen Security Services services all types of safe locks. We also sell the following locks directly to the public:

  • Digital Locks
  • Combination Locks
  • S&G Locks
  • Cell Locks
  • Austen Giant Locks
  • Time Delay Locks

Safe Relocation

We also do relocations and re-installations of safes across the country, whether it is a short move around the corner, or a long distance move across country.
Austen Services will make sure your safe goes wherever you go.

General Service

With branches and accredited agents throughout the country, we are always available to assist with the servicing of safes, strong room doors and vaults. Simply contact us to make arrangements and one of our technicians will gladly do a site visit at your convenience.

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