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Turnkey Security Solutions

Turnkey Security Solutions (TSS) is an independent company operating under the Mutual Safes banner. And so, starting in April 2013, the official Turnkey brand was launched. With an all-star list of key accounts, ranging from major retailers and cash in transit companies to petroleum and construction groups throughout South Africa and into Africa, Turnkey was most certainly well positioned to secure its place as an industry leader. True to its name, Turnkey’s product offering and service package offers clients a comprehensive Security Solution.

Access control provides the backbone of TSS with a high quality range of strong room doors, bullet resistant doors and windows and specialized fire escape doors on offer. Pneumatic Airtube Systems create state of the art cash moving solutions and the myriad of systems currently in operation speak volumes of the success of this technology. In addition to this, servicing together with safe sales, moving and servicing, keep the dynamic and efficient team of technicians busy countrywide.

Anti-Bandit Doors & Pay Windows

Purpose made bullet resistant, anti bandit doors

  • Continuous roton type hinge
  • Aluminium slam bar and D-style pull handles
  • CISA Dead Lock
  • Supplied with variety of wood veneer finishes
  • High density steel and bullet resistant steel
  • Protection varies according to ballistic rating
  • Supplied with 5 pin tumbler key system
  • Electronic lock available on request
  • Magnetic lock with battery backup also available
View Panel
  • Bullet resistant view panel available on request
  • Glass specifications are relative to the ballistic rating of the door

Demountable Vaults

To build a reinforced concrete vault is a costly and lengthy project. This normally has to take place when the building is being constructed. It means that the vault is permanent and is lost, should the need arise to change premises.
The installation of a demountable vault is considerably lower in cost than that of a reinforced one. It can also be constructed in a relatively short period of time. Should the need arise to move premises it is a simple task to dismantle the vault and reassemble it at new location.
A demountable vault can be designed to meet the size requirements of the client. The only limiting factor being the load per square meter that can be carried by the building floor. Allowance is made for the provision of ventilation, lighting and any electric security devices should they be required

Vaults are manufactured in accordance with SABS Categories 2 ADM, 3, 4, & 5 (SABS 949-1967) and are fully tested & approved by the SABS. The Cat 4 level contains a high strength barrier material to withstand the oxy-arc apparatus as well as other percussion and cutting tools such as oxy acetyline, jack hammers, angle grinders, etc.

The highest level of a vault, ie. the Cat 5 has all of the above protection with the addition of thermic lance & diamond core drill protection, again SABS tested.

Air-tube Systems

Air tube systems provide rapid, cost effective and efficient movement of a wide range of samples, components, documents and cash within the tube work. Innovative, computerised, and multi-stationed transfer systems provide secure transportation within buildings and/or across entire sites. This system is ideally suited to the South African high-risk environments in that it facilitates the swift movement of cash from point of sale to a secure cash area, thereby greatly reducing the risk of theft and attack. The division is certified under ISO 9003 which is a first for the industry, and ensures the quality conscious customer of a top quality installation – paramount to the success of the system


  • Air tubes are an easy way to provide security
  • The benefits include peace-of-mind for staff, knowing that large amounts of cash are no longer in their registers or being wheeled around with the associated security and risk
  • Can’t intercept a carrier whilst in transit, system travels at approximately 6 meters per second
  • No armed security required
  • Customer friendly
  • Cost effective
  • No time schedule which needs to be adhered to, potential thieves would not be able to predict time of sending
  • Potential risk in transporting cash from one place to another is avoided
  • Reduces potential risk to staff

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  • Anti-Bandit Doors
  • Pay Windows
  • Demountable Vaults
  • Strongroom Doors
  • Airtube System
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