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Not sure what safe to get or even where to start looking?

Complete this questionnaire and one of our safe experts will get back to you with recommendations and prices to help you find the right safe.

Personal or Business?

Are you getting a safe to use at home to secure your personal belongings or do you need it for business purposes?

What do you need to store in your safe?

Depending on what you would like to keep locked up in your safe will determine the level of security required. Some items, such as rifles, require that your safe be SABS approved, and other items require a specific rating for insurance purposes.
Simply select what you are going to keep in your safe and we will recommend the best fir for you

Delivery and Installation

We have our own specialised logistics team will deliver your safe anywhere in the country. Our team will also bolt your safe to the wall or floor if you require. Safe installation is highly recommended as it provides another layer of security to keep your valuables safe.

Do you want a safe for personal use or for business use?
Such as Passports, ID’s, Certificates etc.
Such as Laptops and Cell Phones
Do you need us to delivery your safe?
Do you need us to bolt your safe to the wall or floor?
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