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  • Brick Safe – BS1530K


    The BS-1530-K is small safe that offers a lot of protection. It has a 4mm door and 2mm body and comes standard with a key lock. This steel plated safe offers good security at an affordable price to keep your valuables safe.


  • BS2535-E 2/4

    BS2535-E 2/4

    • Height: 250mm
    • Width: 350mm
    • Depth: 250mm
    • Weight: 12.5Kg


  • D23-E 15″ Hotel Safe


    The Austen Hotel Safe provides convenience and reliability to the users at hotels, resorts, offices, hospitals and even at homes. Please enjoy security with the Austen digital range.

  • Digital Safe - BS17

    Digital Safe for Valuables – BS17


    Due to the unique design, size and attractive colours, the BS-17 Digital Safe is a very popular product. It is certainly ideal for home & office use, to store valuables and cash.
    Available in your colour choice of black, blue, red, and pink.


  • HF-M250A - Cash Box

    HF-M250A – Cash Box


    Petty Cash Box with Cam Lock and steel plastic insert


  • HF-M300A - Cash Box

    HF-M300A – Cash Box


    Petty Cash Box with Cam Lock and steel plastic insert


  • Hotel Safe - 195JA

    Hotel Safe – 195JA


    The digital hotel safe is designed to meet the needs for a modern, compact, security safe for hotel, residential and business use. The electronic lock is programmable with your own pin code which can be reset every time when the door is opened making it an ideal hotel safe.


  • Quick Access Security Safe – P2EA


    The Quick Access Safe with Electronic Lock features fast access when you need it most. Enabled with the Alarm-U feature that sensors and detects motion or tampering for unauthorised entry. The mounting holes are pre-drilled so you can effectively secure your unit.

  • Small Gun Safe

    RHS 11 – 3 Rifle Safe


    The RHS 11 small gun safe is ideal for the gun owner that is starting their collection. Store up to 3 rifles in this safe. The RHS 11 is SABS approved making it perfect for the new gun owner.


  • small home safes

    Small Home Safes | BS-25 Digital


    The BS-25 small home safes is made up of solid steel construction, which offers good burglary protection. Digital Lock offers added security.


  • SO-1K – Office Safe


    The SO-1K Office safe provides an affordable way to store important documents and other valuables without compromising on security.

  • Truck Hopper - Large

    Truck Hopper – Large


    The Large Truck Hopper is built with a 12mm door and 6mm body, ensuring security for your cash, and peace of mind for yourself. The rotating slot on top allows money to be dropped in and is only accessible through the locked door in the front of the safe.

    The Truck Hopper safe offers an affordable and quick solution for a big problem that most business owners face.


    Local Pickup: Pretoria Head Office

  • Truck Hopper - Small

    Truck Hopper – Small


    Ideal solution for securing money in transit. Easily drop coins or notes in the rotating slot. Perfect for businesses carrying or collecting cash on delivery.


    Local Pickup: Pretoria Head Office

  • Wall Safe

    Wall Safe – WS2 SABS Approved


    Ensure security of your valuables with the WS2 Wall Safe. We advise that you mount this safe against a wall, inside a cupboard, or in a secure location of your choosing.


  • WS15 SABS Wall Safe

    WS15 SABS Wall Safe


    Pre-drilled holes for securing

    Made to SABS specifications

  • WS2 Deposit Safe

    WS2 Deposit Safe


    Ideal solution for securing money. Easily drop coins or notes into the slot, anti phishing device to keep money secure. Perfect for businesses dealing in cash daily.


    Local Pickup: Pretoria Head Office